Welcome to our lab!

Our lab is based at the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and lead by Kay Lucek who is supported by an SNSF Eccellenza fellowship. We use genomic tools to understand how species evolve and are maintained. For this, we study several taxa, including alpine butterflies. We are especially interested to understand how chromosomal rearrangements emerge and how they might affect the speciation process also at a macroevolutionary level. We further study the factors that shape the outcome of secondary contact between closely related species. We employ genomic tools to moreover uncover a part of the cryptic species diversity in Switzerland. Our group thus works at the interface between novel and fundamental research and conservation genomics.

Join the Biodiversity Genomics Lab!

We are always looking for enthusiastic Master students – contact Kay to inquire about the current exciting Master projects.

Interested in applying for a fellowship (SNSF Mobility return phase, DFG, Marie Curie, etc… )  to come to our lab? Please contact Kay and outline your background and interests.



  • 29.2.2024 – Rongrong starts her position in our group!
  • 14.11.2023 – Camille leaves us for a 6 month internship at the Sanger institute.
  • 6.10.2023 – Hannah successfully defended her PhD! Congratulations!
  • 22.8.2023 -Accepted @ Evolution Letters – the long term data Selim’s Master thesis!
  • 14.8.2023  – Camille’s first paper is out @ MolEcol here.
  • 1.7.2023 – Ashwini Mohan starts her postdoc!
  • 27.6.2023 – Hannah submits her PhD thesis – wohoo!
  • 1.6.2023 – Paula Escuer starts her postdoc in our group!
  • 7.12.2022 – New study out @ Nature Communications – check it out!
  • 28.9.2022 – Kay was awarded a grant by the Fondation Pierre Mercier – Carex, here we come!
  • 19.9.2022 – Hannah’s first PhD chapter is published in Evolution, congratulations!
  • 12.7.2022 – We did it – the cover story of Trends in Ecology and Evolution!